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Clipping Path Service

Starting price only $0.50 USD/image
clipping path service is a process to remove background from an image. We providing hand made clipping path service at a reasonable price.

The Quality & Cost-Effective Clipping Path Provider

CLIPPING PATH SERVICE-CPS is a professional photo editing provider located in New York, the USA which is handled by some highly skilled professionals. It supplies the best quality image editing services like clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, neck joint service, and e-commerce image editing services all over the world. We have high priority, especially for USA & UK-based buyers.

The USA & UK buyers can get background removal service or clipping path service from us with global standards. Our buyers have an excellent idea about our services and they acknowledge it is one of the best clipping path service providers in the USA. Also, it has become the top-class online photo editing service provider for its remarkable working skills and practical knowledge over the world. The maximum number of our existing buyers are from the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan. You can easily differentiate us from any other photo editing company as a reliable clipping paths services mainly for the reasonable price, delivery time, quality, and communication.

Key Features:

Affordable photo editing with the best quality, quick delivery, professional graphic designers, 3 shifts on a day, quality checking team, Money back guarantee, High-speed internet, 24 hours customers support, secure FTP system, Good communication, Easy upload, and download system, Urgent delivery system, bulk order discount, reserved team for rush order.

Our Vision:

We had the vision to show our image editing ability and graphic design skill to the international market as a contender of other illustrious image editing service companies. We would like to express Clipping Path Service-CPS to the international community of image editing service customers.

Our Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path Service-CPS has a team of 150 professional graphic designers. They are always ready to fulfill your requirements by providing the best quality for any of your expected Photoshop services as a famous Clipping Path Service Company. Our graphic designers have a vast knowledge of Photoshop, and Image editing services as most of them completed graduated from famous graphic institutions. They are conscious and dedicated to the work to build the reputation of this company. Every shift has a team leader to lead their team effectively who provides all facilities and freedom to create a fair work environment.

We generally provide all types of image editing services like clipping path, image masking, background removal, neck joint service, photo retouching service, car photo editing, and e-commerce product image editing services at a reasonable price especially for EU, UK, and USA customers. We ensure that you can save money and time working with us and also get the best quality work. For all of our buyers- the offering image editing services we described details below to get an exact idea about them.       

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Services play an important role in image editing. All of the graphic design tasks highly needed it. Adobe Photoshop pen tool uses creating clipping path services.
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Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching Services also called retouching or airbrushing. It also refers to the method of manipulating photographs to slightly change the looks of a photo.
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Ecommerce Image Editing

Ecommerce image editing service plays a crucial role in online business. We know day by day eCommerce becoming a trend. And people feel comfortable to buy from online.
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Background Remove

A maximum number of online consumers want to see products on a white background. And for busy eCommerce business owners, getting a white background on all those photos can be a difficult job.
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Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation Service is an advanced technique in the graphic design area. Transforming or altering a photo using various techniques and method to get the expected output that is called Photo manipulation.
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Car Image Editing

Car image editing service for the vehicle and automobile dealers. We provide clipping path service, background removal services, shadow making service, retouching, template replacement for car photos.
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Image Masking Service

Image masking is a photo editing technique that is applied when a clipping path not perfect for removing the unwanted subjects from an Image. Photo or layer masking helps to expose some parts or hide some parts of an image.
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Invisible Mannequin Effect

Invisible Mannequin effect needed in every online cloth store. It also called ghost mannequin effect services. Images bring your products to life are essential to promote sales. Live models are costly, make scheduling difficult and be faithless at times.
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Headshot Retouching

Are you looking for digital headshot photo retouching of your photos? US Clipping Path Service Providing headshot retouching for actors, photographers, agents, studios, and models according to all photography standards.
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We offer hand made clipping path that creat by the Adobe Photoshop pen tool. Clipping path service is our kye service and also we provide photo retouching, image masking, background removal service, car pic editing, and eCommerce product image editing services.

Ghost Mannequin Services
Jewelry Retouching Services
Photo Retouching Services
Car Image Editing
Drop Shadow Services
Reflection Shadow Service
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Drop Shadow Services
Clipping Path Services
Reflection Shadow Services
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Image masking services
Ghost Mannequin Services
Jewelry Retouching Services
Photo Retouching Services
Car Image Editing
Drop Shadow Services
Reflection Shadow Service
remove bg image
Drop Shadow Services
Clipping Path Services
Reflection Shadow Services
Car Background Replacement
Image masking services

We offer a cost-effective clipping path service for our worldwide customers. Our starting price is $0.50USD per image only. We firmly believe that our reasonable price and work quality will make a reliable business bond. Many of our clients are writing their success stories and growing their businesses by saving time and money. Our production facility and customer support are for 24/7 we keep it every day. As an outsourcing provider, we ensure you quality image editing services. We can able to edit 10000 images in a day for clipping path or background removal service. Also, we can handle any quantity of images if you need editing. Here below you can get an idea of the prices of our work.  

Quantity 21-100

$ 0.60 / image
  • Very Simple (e.g. mobile, can) $0.60
  • Simple ( e.g. wallet, sun-glass) $0.65
  • Medium ( e.g. bag Shoe t-shirt) $0.70
  • Complex ( e.g. jewelry furniture)$2.50

Quantity 150+

$ 0.50 / image
  • Very Simple (e.g. mobile, can) $0.50
  • Simple ( e.g. wallet, sun-glass) $0.55
  • Medium ( e.g. bag, Shoe, t-shirt)$0.60
  • Complex ( e.g. jewelry furniture)$2.00

Quantity 1-20

$ 1 / image
  • Very Simple (e.g. mobile, can) $1.00
  • Simple ( e.g. wallet, sun-glass) $1.50
  • Medium ( e.g. bag, Shoe, t-shirt)$2.00
  • Complex ( e.g. jewelry furniture)$3.00


Now outsourcing is a big industry and it dealing with multi-billion dollars. It helps busy businessmen and professionals for doing more works in less time. Our team has vast knowledge and expertise to provide what your photo-editing needs may be which helps to sell lots of products on your online store.


“Clipping Path Service-CPS” is an outsource photo editing company with more than 250 Professional graphic designers. We work 24 hours to provide high-quality photo editing services and help you meet your time schedule. We feel pride in the fact causes we’re able to provide reasonable pricing without sacrificing work quality. Our customers always depend on us if they have a large project, a tight schedule, and any other photo editing needs that time they are come to us and get an outstanding result.


We specialize in hand made clipping path, image masking, shadow making, photo retouching, car image editing, neck-joint service, and other Photoshop Services.



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We Have Lot Of Experience In Photo Editing Sector

High-Quality Clipping Path Service, Background Removal Service, Image Making, Shadow Creation, eCommerce Product Image Editing, And Car Photo Editing Provider. See our performance from the below graph and get an idea of our ability, skill, and professionalism in photo editing services.
Clipping Path Service
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“CLIPPING PATH SERVICE-CPS” is the brand in the photo editing sector. We built a reputation by given high-quality photo editing services. Like Clipping Path Service, Image Masking Service, Background Removal Service, eCommerce Product Image Editing Services and Photoshop Services are the essential services that providing the last ten years reputedly. We make sure the quality work at a reasonable price and deliver the jobs on time for this reason customer come to us again and again to edit their images.



We maintain the work quality and decorated the quality assurance team for checking the error. We understand the client’s instructions and provide 100% quality tasks.
On-Time Delivery


We ensure the on-time delivery of all of your projects. Our experienced graphic designer work with full dedication to timely completing your project.


Our Designers are highly Skilled and provide all types of photo editing tasks professionally.
  • Creative Team
  • Reasonable Price
  • On Time Delivery
  • 100% Quality Works
  • Bulk Order Discounts


We are conscious of the price and work quality. So we decorated our pricing table by proper utilization. We offer reasonable prices for you.


We use secure FTP for transferring your files like we-transfer, Dropbox which enable you to send files up to 1000 GB. It is a fast and hassle-free process.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

Have you any questions about our services, price, quality, and payment system? Here are some questions answered that helpful for you to understand about us. Clipping Path Service, Photo Retouching Service, Neck joint service, and Photoshop related questions to answer we decorated here for better understand.

Yes, you can take a free trial for checking our quality and After satisfaction, we will discuss the real jobs.

Our customer support always ready to serve you. Max 30 minutes we will come back to you with the exact quotation.

Yes, we offer a bulk discount and it will be offered when crossing the quantity of ten thousand. 

Basically, We send the invoice after ending the month. Although You can make payments weekly, and monthly basis. We accept PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer for payment. 

Our Team Members

Our Team

All are Brilliant men have in our Team. They can able to solve any problem and give you outstanding customer support. Our team members completed the graduations in graphic design so they can un understand all about photo editing related tasks. They Have Vast Knowledge in Clipping Path Service, Image Masking Service, Neck Joint Service, And Photoshop Services Area.

Andrew Wills
Web Developer
Alisha Smith
Event Organizer
Robert White
Marketing Head
Sarah George
Sales Manager
What You Want?

Get Free Quote Within 30 Min

Are you not sure how much costs need to edit your photo? So, We are here to give an exact quotation for your photo editing need. Our starting price only $0.50USD/image, and it will increase upon the image complexity. No hidden charge and our team do not compromise the work quality. After submitting your requirements, our customer support comes back to you with an exact quotation within 30 min. We provide clipping path service, background removal service, image masking, car photo editing, ghost mannequin, photo retouching, and all types of photoshop services reputedly for the last ten years.

We have 160 designers who work individual three-shift at a day. They are professional and have a piece of vast knowledge in the photo editing sector. Every shift has a team leader who takes care of the designer’s works and then sends it to the production manager for finalizing. So we are fully confident that we are in touch the buyer satisfaction. Clipping Path Service-CPS will be the best photo editing choice for your business by their service, price, professionality, and all of the virtue.

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